Best I could…

And there, in absolute silence, I stood.
Not wanting to look back, just forward towards the end,
as calm as I could, I did very good,
at keeping composure, I’m good at pretend.

I knew it would come, it was well announced,
the very last chapter of light as I knew it,
it looked straight at me and my name pronounced,
it said: “time is up, it’s over, you blew it”.

My tiny little heart shattered in millions of fragments.
But once did I move? Not a blink, not a twitch.
It turns out the plan almost always brings attachments,
and even if you’re good, life turns out to be a bitch.

So perfectly still I stood there, and quietly,
I tip toed my way back into my zone,
where I feel most safe, away from society,
where I’m simply destined to sail on my own.

Daylin Horruitiner



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