Thank You For The Pain


Photo Credit @indigo_ize

“I want to thank life and God for the bad things as well as the good. Because the bad ones have pushed me out of my comfort zone, and have turned me into the person that is not afraid to embrace change and keep moving to new heights”.

Thank you for the pain…
For the countless moments that polished my fate.
Thank you for pulling at me from my legs and from my feet, thank you for my victory, thanks for my defeat.

For the avenues carved in my cheeks from tears running down.
For the moments when my legs were crushed to the ground.
Thank you for silencing my one and only voice,
thank you for making my most important choice.

For the slow and painful murder of what used to be my heart,
I thank you, even for falling appart.
For filling the air so freely with your promiscuous breeze,
for not knowing what I wanted, for not needing what I need.

Thank you for the pain.
For the salt that cures my wounds
for the blood that flees my veins.
For that pressure in my chest, when you saw me gasp for air,
for the worst, and for the best, for the love, for the despair.

Thank you for being exactly what I needed,
and at the same time too much, and not enough.
Thanks for not being sure when on my hands and knees I pleaded,
for you to love me, all i really needed was LOVE..

Daylin Horruitiner



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