Don’t you think for a minute

You appeared out if nowhere,
With few words you stole my heart.
Why would you do such a thing?
When you knew you couldn’t stay.

My relentless heart is broken
And the pieces swim in the sea of uncertainty
Where do I start?
Which piece do I pick up first?

While you go about your life
Roaming free, carelessly.
In the meantime here am I,
In the backseat, usually.

Don’t you dare return with all those simple words
Don’t you think I’ll fall again inside your web.
Im not as weak as before anymore
Now I possess strength, more self respect.
Don’t you think I’ll be here endlessly,
Waiting on leftovers of affection,
Don’t be fooled by my innocence, apparently,
Don’t you think one minute, that I’m standing by for your lethal inyection.

Daylin Horruitiner



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