Your eyes, in which the sun sets way too often fail to see me.

Your voice, in which the ocean breaks so freely doesn’t call me.

Your distance stands unparalleled by any of my fears,

by far the greatest pain, I’ve ever had to bear.


And there you go about your way, so cool, so slick, so smart.

I should have known, the warning signs were right there from the start.

But there you were, and when you smiled, my guard came tumbling down

So had I known what fate had planned I would have not had stuck around.


You played a game I did not know, and I bet all I had.

I would have given so much more had you not been so bad.

You opened wounds that now I mend by sewing stitch by stitch,

concerning you, I rest at ease, because payback is a bitch.


Daylin Horruitiner



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