Mass Graves

I heard they are building graves

that there are coffins with our names

that they are preparing, just in case,

mass disasters, mass graves.


I heard they are clandestine

working instead of day, by night

they have your grave, not only mine

they are working with the end in site.


But why excavate on desert sites?

If they’ve dug graves within our hearts,

routine has killed our daily lives,

they have expelled faith from our yard.


Mass graves to bury what’s been dead for years,

mercy killed itself with a suicidal spear.

It doesn’t matter now, they say the end is near

the end began the day they replaced hope with fear.


What do they want to say?

That martial law is on the way?

That a civil war is soon to come?

That will wipe us out of planet earth?


What kind of sign are they trying to send?

What prophecy are they trying to proof?

We’ve known for years about the end

we know what’s written will not move.


Daylin Horruitiner




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