It’s Sunday my love

Dreams of a young one in love…

It’s Sunday my love, come see me today
I’m wearing a polkadot bow in my hair,
I’m wearing the dress I wear just for you
If you come this time you’ll answer my prayer.

It’s Sunday my love, come dance in the rain,
let’s make up a song and play and replay,
because in your arms I misplace my pain
let’s make up a home of pebbles and clay.

It’s Sunday my love, I’m out on the porch
I stare in the distance to see if you’ll show
your eyes shine in me and burn like a torch
that warms up my heart and melts all my snow.

It’s Sunday my love, the sunset is near
I’ve packed cheese and crackers and wine we can share
I’ve never this, I’ve never felt freer,
It’s Sunday my love, it’s Sunday somewhere.

I’ve fallen asleep on top of my hope
I’ve left you a note, “please wake me”, it says:
“please kiss me, I’ve packed, we can both elope
please don’t mind the cat, please excuse my mess”.

Ilussions of you parade in my mind
and your dreams and mine are one and the same
but time slowly kills what we leave behind…
It’s Monday my love…and you never came.

Daylin Horruitiner


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