Just a dream

It was just a dream, but it felt real to me
I don’t recall your face, but I’m certain it was you.
It had to be you. Who else could it be?
Only you can be you without giving a clue.

But it hurts to envision your path and future
It opens a hole in my chest and my soul
Incredible wound for which there is no suture
It burns through my skin like hot coal.

You walked straight toward me without any fear
then you held my face and said: “it’s allright”.
So, where are you now? To collect my tears
to turn real life from real dark to plain light.

I open my eyes resenting the clock
ungrateful, I know, but please comprehend,
I’m not yet convinced there’s such thing as luck
I know after all you were heaven sent.

I’m tired of searching for you when I sleep
like climbing a hill, or swimming upstream
my heart wants to go, but the climb is steep
then when I wake up…it was all a dream.

Who else could it be? It had to be you
You walked toward me, you said: “don’t be sad”.
You walked and you talked like you always knew
I’d only have my dreams.
But when I’m awake it huts so darn bad.

Daylin Horruitiner

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