Lost Chance

Please don’t look into my eyes

I’m afraid you might discover you inside.

I don’t mean to keep a secret, I don’t intend to surprise

I just want to keep secure that one spot where you abide.


Although my smile says “come in”, don’t approach my comfort zone

Overlook the teasing grin, I’m weak, and accident prone,

Walk away just like you did before our luck was thrown

We allowed our fear to win, and now we are left alone.


Ironically we always coincided

you thought I’d make up my mind…

I thought you’d wake up and decide it. 


But sadly the circumstance was greater

and we both agreed upon one thing

we procrastinated and left it for later

we heard the call, but just let it ring.


So now, don’t look into my eyes to find the answer

life dedicated it’s response and turned the page.

Don’t play that song right now my little dancer

we lost our chance to make it on this stage.


Daylin Horruitiner



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